About Us


Hi! I’m Jim, The Woodbutcher

I have always enjoyed working with wood. From construction with lumber to making my own furniture when I was young and single just starting off on life’s journey.

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My Story.

When I retired after 43+ years in the Natural Gas Industry I knew one thing. It was time to follow my Muse. I have always enjoyed working with wood. The feel, the smell, the ability to change a block of natures product and make it into something anyone can enjoy.

My Vision.

My work is all custom made. I will use any wood available including scrap pieces. ( why waste a perfectly good piece of wood?) A lot of my joinery is not perfect, I am not a professional woodworker. I do put a lot of love into my pieces.

My Mission.

We only come through here once. Enjoy what you do!

Table I Made for my Daughter

dining table